A Plea to Make the Internet a Safe and Secure Place for Everyone

Three billion people or almost half of the world’s population are connected to the internet through their computers or mobile phones. People are connected to the world wide web and its different sites and platforms that serve our needs.

One such need is for human connections. Even in this digital age, humans still crave connections and developing meaningful relationships with other people.

Digital Media Engagement
After all, man is a social being. The scientist Matthew Lieberman said that our need to connect with others was as essential as our basic need for food and water.


He said that our well-being depended on our connection with other people. Over the past years, social media have revolutionized how we connect and communicate with others. By definition, social media are forms of electronic communication where people can form online communities to connect with each other and share information, ideas, and messages, among others. Popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Online Profiles

These channels make it possible for a person to create an online profile and connect with family, friends, and colleagues. We can send messages, post videos, and photos, and share the statuses of their lives and relationships. Social media enhances human connections by allowing people to express themselves, share their life experiences, keep in touch, and make new acquaintances and relationships.

Social Media Danger

However, people should be encouraged to use social media responsibly by balancing and managing the time that they spend online compared to real-life interactions, and knowing how to maximize the benefits of these platforms.


But what happens when people abuse the use of social media and other facets of the internet? What if there are people who go beyond their boundaries and intentionally harm other people through the use of the internet?
Marketing Expert
Because that is the reality. Cybercrimes are committed every day. Cyber perpetrators are preying on three billion people all over the world. They can target even an unassuming teenager who is just playing with his smartphone inside their garage doors in Oklahoma.
And the worst part is that these culprits are roaming freely in our streets because no one knows about what they are doing. They are hiding behind their computer screens as they wait for the right moment to pounce on their victims. They thrive in the anonymity offered by the internet.
Bank Assistant
We always say that we live in the digital age. But perhaps we have never fully grasped the meaning of this. Yes, it means we can access all the information that we need with just a click of the keypad. But it also means that our information is easily accessible to other people – people who may have bad intentions and evil thoughts.

Cyber criminals

We are all prey to cybercriminals who can use our information for their own interest and worse, for our downfall. And the sad part is that cybercrimes are becoming rampant.

Government Officials

This page is a call to action. Let our government officials and law enforcers do their part in ensuring that these criminals are held accountable for their crimes.

Cyber Laws

Implement laws that would deter cybercrimes so that we can feel safe and secure even in the cyber world.


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