How Thick Should Tempered Glass Be

How Thick Should Tempered Glass Be

You might have heard about tempered glass, seen as an advertising attribute in tablet computer specifications or in the kind of screen protectors for cellular devices. However, what is hardened glass precisely?

Why is it distinct from regular plastic or glass screen protectors? Most of all, what will hardened glass provide you as a customer and it’s well worth the price? The principal difference between regular glass and tempered glass is at how in which they’re created.

Tempered glass is produced by heating then quickly heating the substance — and consequently will come with another arrangement.

Where is tempered glass typically used?

Because of Its security benefits and heating resistance (leading but, we’re mainly interested in its program in display protectors for cellular phones and other devices. Also, it is used in commercial storefront glass.


Thick or thin tempered glass?

Well, every side has its positives and drawbacks. As, we have said previously, thinner tempered eyeglasses are considerably more receptive to the bits which makes it more favored alternative to the wise mobile users.

However, there are individuals who prefer to decide on more densely tempered glass because they search for more security regardless of how this kind is not as bit sensitive. Additionally the thinner the tempered glass is much harder for your screen protector to decode.

Typically, it’s a good idea for overall buyers to go for 0.33 mm tempered glass display protector and globally it is high on requirement.

Consumers may always find it hard to differentiate the little differences where unethical manufacturers will indicate the depth of the glass material to be 0.26mm, 0.2mm or perhaps 0.15mm once the true thickness of the glass material has been 0.33mm. For your glass stuff, the price of 0.1mm would be the greatest and 0.4mm would be the lowest priced.

Our Recommendation

Usually we urge 0.33mm tempered glass display protectors to all of buyers that are searching for their value to the money. Maintaining the heavy needs of a massive section of customers MPG group create the display protectors using 0.33mm tempered glass protections but display guards with additional thickness glass substances could be produced also.