Cyber Crimes

The Digital Age

Since the world has gone digital, the crimes have also leveled up to encompass the realm of cyberspace. There are many crimes and offenses that happen on the world wide web. They can be in the form of simple text messages, or those photos, videos, and audio recordings that have been uploaded and shared for the public to see. The content of these digital files is seen as malicious and threatening to the victims. There are also individuals or groups who deliberately spread computer viruses or harmful software to ordinary citizens who do not have any idea about the malicious intent of the sender. Important documents get corrupted or their hardware is rendered useless after receiving such files. There are also cases that demonstrate an invasion of privacy.

For example, the private facts of an individual can be disclosed in public without the victim’s consent. Oftentimes, the people behind this want to create a scandal to disgrace the victim in other people’s eyes. Another cybercrime that is very common is copyright infringement. People do not give due credit or worse, claim the work of other people as theirs. In extreme cases, digital media has been a venue for cyberwar between nations or political groups. These cases make us realize that the world wide web is not your typical arena wherein you can see whom you are going against. These malicious cyber activities are done in secret and you do not see the person responsible for such criminal behavior.

They even say it requires only a few people and limited resources to start a war through the use of the internet. One nation can go against another nation because of cyberwar. The problem with cybercrimes is that it is hard to go after the perpetrators as they could be anywhere around the globe. These examples of crimes and offenses on the internet make us realize how cyber crimes have grown in scope and magnitude. They can affect an individual person, a company, an entire nation, or the world.